Over the years, film production has slowly gained popularity in Kenya as a field that many want to venture into, especially the youth. This has seen people create job opportunities for themselves by telling their stories in form of film. Here is our feature of top film production companies that are owned and run by young and passionate individuals under 25 years.


One Film Pictures is a multi award winning film production company, headed by David Waronja and founded alongside David Njuguna in 2015. They are into organic African narratives and showcase their stories as they know and understand them with a little augmented reality here and there. The company has produced over 10 short films since last year when they started the company. Most of their work has gotten to be recognized both nationally and internationally in various film festivals.

Some of their greatest achievement include Malaika, which made it to the top ten finalist in the Machawood festivals. Loss, a film they did in 2019 placed them at the first position in the My Kenya My Story film competition directed by James Matere who also stared in it alongside Eddah Mungai who played Catherine. Familia came in second place in the Alliance francaise smartphone competition 2019 themed #UsIn2030  as the production company gained popularity in the film industry. These two films touched on the gambling menace that had rocked the country hard in the recent past.

You learn through practice & master through teaching
-David Waronja

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The company was founded in 2017​ by Kimathi Tevin and Francis Ouma who had met on stage, both as actors in a theatrical play.​
Lawlife Films do not have a specific genre of films that they do, as they believe in experimental filmmaking. Lawlife also claim to love challenging themselves as a company in matters of storytelling.
At the moment, Lawlife films have mainly done short films alongside commercials and music videos.
They have gathered around 15 nominations globally at various film festivals and some of their greatest achievements include: The film Awry which received  special Jury Mention at The Scene Festival 2020 and manage to scope the best Teaser​ at the Branson International Film Festival, Missouri 2019.

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Vinia which means ‘creative‘ is a film and video production outfit that’s run by refugees living in Kakuma refugee camp, formed in March 2018. The company is positioned to work for a wide range of client ranging from individual clients to corporate organizations.
Vinia Productions was founded by Loduye Ghaisen and Yannick Ruhimbasa. Their mission is to develop Vinia Productions into a community focused action group and a business which will help young refugees tell their stories from their own prospective.
The company has done alot of work for Film Aid, producing films that share the stories of life as they know it in Kakuma.

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ALLDAY STUDIOS is an award winning independent film production company founded on March 20, 2018, by Dylan Habil. It specializes in film and television production. The company is co founded by Kevin Kipruto alias Kroch.
The film company has produced several films including TOFAUTI, DRUNK, PENDO, BLIND & the award winning KELETU.
ALLDAY STUDIOS has always strived to bring out stories with aspects of realism, psychological being of human beings and themes that question societal conventions and advocate for social change.

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Uradi Films was formed late last year by a group of students from Multi Media University. They created music projects i.e. music videos, covers, and also do corporate productions and documentaries. Uradi Films aim to one day mainly focus on works of fiction. They celebrate their most impactful videos as their biggest achievement. Currently, they are working with Inter Religious Council of Kenya to produce a series of videos to raise funds for Covid-19 .

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The company was founded in 2017 by Mutuchi Lilungu. ML films is a film production company that focuses on pyschological films that touch on the unspoken human nature, with twists and turns. They take pride in telling stories as they are by trying to bring back the neo-noir genre which they believe is the future of filmmaking.
ML’s greatest achievement is the film DARK, which saw them get a couple of nominations in the My Kenya My Story Film competition in 2019 hosted by Kenya Film Commission.
ML Films also does professional audio production which they lease & sell to artists alongside using as score for their own filmworks.

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That’s our list of top film companies in Kenya which are run by young people who are out in the world of art & innovation, building their brands one film at a time. Special mentions to It’s Ajus Media Productions, Esko Filmworks, KM TV, Stitch In Time, LabKats Productions, Viku Animations Studios, Deaf Media K & The Society.


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