Being their solemn duty, Kenya Film commission has for the past three consecutive years held the My Kenya My Story mobile film competition for the purpose of promoting film in Kenya. To some this may be new, but some have always made sure to participate in these competitions as it encourages creativity in filmmakers, given that each year has a new theme . TBE Productions has been actively participating in the festivals and has had nominations in the past 2 editions. This year’s theme was ‘COVID-19, Staying at home and maintaining social distance’ due to the pandemic that has faced the world. With the top film this year fighting for $2000 (200,000 ksh) the battle was stiff with mobile phones being the weapon of destruction!

Kenya Film Commission revealed the top 20 nominee films in the #MyKenyaMyStory mobile phone film competition 3rd edition and the nominated films have been uploaded on YouTube for public viewing and with a voting period starting from 16th June – 26th June, ie it ends today. VOTE HERE

On that note… Have you watched them? Have you voted?… You should have you know! ..cause we may drop a tonne of spoilers or entice you to quickly run and watch the best of the best! WATCH HERE

Well, in the spirit of openness indulge us for a minute. Allow us to encourage a candid conversation on constructive criticism on the films in no particular order.


This film!! Amongst the best films nominated!! You’ll just fall in love with the story as it is authentic and innovative with the creation of the health care machine and the nature of the story. Not to mention the touching ending. The cinematography is outstanding. The film has NO CUT! Reminds us of that scene from EXTRACTION featuring Chris Helmsworth.. Yes? Well as filmmakers it makes us wonder how many takes it took to get that perfect shot! And as a norm for David Waronja’s films, the multi award winning director shot the film in local dialect (KIKUYU)! It’s brilliant display of amazing filmworks in 5 minutes and it’s worth every second!


From the eerie tone, pulsing music, pacing, and the shots of RONA crawling to our main actor ( FAIZ ), the film leaves goosebumps and shivers all over your body and leaves you longing to stay home and keep safe. The makeup did a number on many of us as it drove the point home and it generally is an amazing film! If your hair doesn’t stand and run away then we have no idea whats wrong with you! Someone said it reminded them of our short ‘Dear Diary‘!

The main message was very clear. Stay home! Stay safe! Amazing work by the award winning director Philip Muoki!  


Talk about creatives being a mad race? This is it! The award-winning director, Dylan Habil, who has a niche for unique stories that approach from different perspective than regular creative hits again with this amazing film. The story is out of the box and at the same time very very stupid, it’s simply genius! The method used in this film is one that clearly shows diversity in storytelling methods by young filmmakers who will definitely build a brighter future for the film industry in Kenya! Great use of space and props too! Very funny as well!


The film is well shot and has a good story. The cinematography, editing and color are amazing let alone the amazing actress! But the film has one very major flaw.. very poor directing.  When one watches the film you can not understand the story! After a short survey with 10 other filmmakers, all in unison agreed that this film could have been directed better – our direct message to Safina Iqbal. For one to actually understand what is happening, you have to read the synopsis in the description so as to understand.  A job well done by the cast and crew but it could have been better.

The film relays the powerful message of how our heroes in this pandemic may be forced to make sacrifices so lets stay safe, for our loved ones! ..and yeah, we only understood this after reading the description ahahah! But its okay.


Well , well, well. This one is one for the Oscars!  A very simple story but perfectly executed! An extremely good job by the director, Njiiri Karago! Safina (frontliner) can borrow a leaf from him, maybe pluck the whole tree? Hahah, sorry, we play too much..

MAZIWA: Good lighting, creative shots, amazing edits by Ken Nuthu & Chris Kimenju too! The humor in the performance by Ken Nderitu left us with some level of OCD. Well.. you can never be too careful with a viral pandemic. The quick successive transitions gave a punch to the film.  The score in this film was by Ivan Odie, a multi award-winning filmmakerand founder of Callivan Creatives so that was another major plus. Oh.. and the ending had us all!! Very funny film, very educative as well!

In conclusion of this blog, this is our list of the best films in the #MyKenyaMyStory 2020 Mobile film competition! There are some films we honestly thought were very mediocre but we believe in growth so we congratulate all those nominated and hope for the nominees to create more and more content that keeps on raising the standards of film in Africa let alone Kenya! By working together, we can accelerate growth of our industry so lets keep on working and bring upon a new age of local films!

Before we end this little story, afew other filmmakers who helped in creating this blog post you are reading had a very good question for Kenya Film Commission.

‘ After all the 250 films submitted and only 20 picked, what happens to the remaining 230 films? Where do they go? ’

Kindly comment your thoughts below. Thank you for reading.   


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