” What happens when all you love is put on the same line as death?
Would you really value loved ones over self? “

A frame from the film LOOK

Our company, TBE Productions, has recently announced the release of our latest short film titled LOOK which is a horror film that questions human nature in the above stated aspects.

The film is directed by Eastmond Mwenda, and co – produced by Sarova Hotels. The film stars the amazing Jay Mulusa, who plays Ronn, memorable from the hit web series ‘ Life ya Tony na Johnte ‘ by TBE Productions and ‘ Tofauti ‘ by ALLDAY Studios. Co-starring the film for her film debut is the lovely Joy Esther, who plays Jossie – Ronn’s girlfriend, in the film. The film also features music from East Coast Rapper by the name Teunez Levi with his hit song Street Life.

Dir. Eastmond Mwenda (centre) with the film cast Joy Esther & Jay Mulusa

” Shooting this film wasn’t easy. I came up with the script on a Friday while in Nakuru for a weekend, rounded up a cast & crew on Saturday & we shot on Sunday! We faced alot of problems esp. with time but working with an experienced cast and crew helped make this film possible. We only had 5 hours on location and we hadn’t rehearsed but Jay (main actor) quickly & easily got into character hence playing a big role in us beating our location timeline. Thank you Sarova Hotels for the support 😊 “
~ Eastmond Mwenda, ‘LOOK’ Director

” We are really excited to see what they came up with! We saw the first draft but haven’t seen the final version so we are really excited! ”
~ Yara Mirek, Russian Filmmaker

” I’m waiting to watch this film! ”
~ Nick Mutuma, Kenyan Filmmaker

LOOK Poster
LOOK Poster with release date – 1st May 2020

The film will be released on Friday 1st May, 2020 at 6.00pm EAT on the Youtube Channel of TBE Productions. The official trailer is already out so have a glimpse of what is in store and you can also get more info here.

LOOK | Short Film 2020


  • Rashid Hunt
    Posted April 29, 2020 11:04 am

    Can’t wait for its release.
    Good job Eastmond and the whole crew.

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