So, 2020 was claimed to be the worst year for the world as a whole but we may just disagree. No, we definitely disagree! It all comes down to perspective as what you may see as a problem, others see as an opportunity – glass half empty half full situation right there.

…but to the main event; How do you even make your first million in the worst year in the world’s history? What were we upto? Well, to answer you in detail, we’ll let you in on a little secret. It goes like this:

Question:  What do you do when your chocolate melts? 

Answer: You lick it all up or be creative and make drinking chocolate.

~ Wale Akinyemi.

2020 was to be a big year for our company TBE Productions. We were hosting the 3rd edition of our film festival The Fools Film Festival and had a Hollywood Producer coming in to judge and teach a practical film workshop. We even had sponsors who had sent letters of intent and all was well as the government of Mombasa was also coming on board! The theme was, ‘Wacha Drugs, Washa Talanta ‘ and NACADA loved it! We had plans to make 2020 very memorable!

Well, when man plans, God laughs. COVID 19, better known as THE VID,  hit us by storm and the deals we had worked on securing for about 6 months went down the drain. Everyone pulled out and we were left in the pool of COVID-19 misery many failed to swim out of. After sulking for a couple of weeks, mid-April, our small team of creatives decided to change perspective.

It started with, “ Let’s use this time to grow our skills! ”, and we did. Next was, “ Lets create COVID-19 content because everyone is home, so let’s do what we do best; ENTERTAIN! “, and we did, even making a couple YouTube viral sensations like Social Distance (A COVID 1 Min. Film). On realizing we had actually got better during the past few weeks in terms of audience growth and content creation, we said “ Lets go corporate! Companies need to stay afloat and we can create content for them so they can keep a hold of their clients! “, and it was then that we changed our entire direction as a company! We found a problem, and it was a widespread problem only we could cure.

Mombasa, our main base of operation apart from Nairobi and Eldoret, lacked an overpour of content creators who couldn blanket the corporate world with quality content and we used this as our trampoline to get back on the map and take our company to the next level.

Creative thinking and actual execution of ideas takes courage, courage to implement and courage to see things through. No one said a 20-year-old starting a film production company would be easy let alone successful but a few years later here we are now; with a team of other 20-year old’s and making it work! We learnt the skills like professionals, but used them like creative artists!

Every endeavor you make requires in-depth research, discipline and focus, and with a little faith on top, all things are possible, even making your first million in the worst year in the world! On the same year, “the worst year”, we won 7 film awards too; locally and internationally! Some even came with cash prizes and plane tickets but… that’s a story for the next article… For now, stay positive, train your mind everyday and have courage to do what others can’t. It will make you exceptional in every way possible!

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